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The Sixth Judicial District is bordered on the north by Utah County and on the south by Arizona. Sixth District is the largest, geographically, and the smallest in terms of population, of all the Utah judicial districts. It occupies 19.3 percent of the land in the state and includes 2.6 percent of the population. Travel is a major consideration for this rural district. Each of the three judges in the Sixth District spends as much as 25% of their time in the car, traveling for court. However, travel is not exclusive to judges, it is equally difficult for the public. The worst-case scenario is the person living in Bullfrog needing to attend court in Kanab, the Kane County seat, a whopping 315 miles away. With such a sprawling district and limited resources, coordination is key. Phones, computers, e-mail, and faxes are used to address many interaction and communication needs.

6th District Court Notice

The Sixth DIstrict Court for the State of Utah serves as the court clerk in Kane County.  For jury duty, case information or other questions contact the court clerk at 435 644-4601.   Fax 435 644-4639.  Juvenile 435 644-4602.

6th District Court Contact Information

Phone: 435-644-4601

Kane County Sixth District Court 76 North Main St. Kanab, UT 84741 435 644-4601  Fax 435 644-4639.  Juvenile 435 644-4602.

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Sixth District Court

Sixth District Court
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