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Kane County Attorney


Kane County Attorney

The Kane County Attorney's Office handles the criminal prosecution of all felonies in Kane County along with all misdemeanor crimes in the unicorporated areas.  The Kane County Attorney is the general legal counsel for the County and all of the county elected officials and departments.  Currently the County Attorney's Office also contracts with Kanab City for their misdemeanor prosection and as general legal counsel for the City Counsel and Planning Commission.  The County Attorney, Rob Van Dyke, has two deputy attorneys, Kent Burggraaf and Jeff Stott.

Attorney Notice

The Kane County Attorney's Office is dedicated to serving the public in a manner that is open and accountable, fair and just, and effective and efficient.  Many people are unfamiliar with the duties of the County Attorney.  In a nutshell, the County Attorney is the chief prosecutor in the County for all felony crimes and all misdemeanors in the unincorporated areas.  The County Attorney also acts as general legal counsel for the County, each elected official and all of the County departments.  Many residents of the county however are mistaken in the belief that the County Attorney should provide personal legal advice to them.  In fact, the opposite is true.

If you are in need of personal legal assistance please refer to the link section above.  There you will find a link to the Utah State Courts' website which contains a lot of good information and self help tools.  There is also a link for the Utah State Bar website where you can find an attorney that specializes in your area of concern.  Because Kane County has very few private practice attorneys, the attorneys that work for the County Attorney are allowed to take private clients on a limited basis.  If you are in need of their services please be clear about your request to hire an attorney for personal legal advice when contacting the County Attorney's Office.

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Phone: (435)644-5278

Kane County Attorney

76 N. Main

Kanab, Ut 84741

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Attorney Links

Utah State Courts

Legal information and self help tools.

Utah State Bar

Attorney listings and general information.

Kane County Children's Justice Center

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