Real Property Questionnaire

Please complete all applicable sections of this form. The results will be submitted electronically to the Kane County Assessor's Office, and a printed copy will be stored in your property's file.
General Information
Purchase Details
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Gate Access
Are there any locked gates for access to the property?
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If you have any locked gates, we will need to have them opened, or have access to a key.
Property Details
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Septic/Sewer Water Power None
Briefly describe the land, including any features or defects you feel are unique to the property.
Building Details
Select the options that apply to the buildings on your property
Site Built Home Manufactured Home None Other
Additional Items
Indicate any of the following items, attached to or detached from your home:
Open Porch Covered Porch Enclosed Porch Wooden Balcony Softwood Deck Other
Tool Shed Open Patio Covered Patio Hot Tub Swimming Pool Garage or Shop Storage Shed Barn Other
Indicate any of the following existing items, and provide the square footage of each:
Attached Garage Sq. Ft. Attached Carport Sq. Ft. Basement Garage Sq. Ft. Detached Garage Sq. Ft. Detached Carport Sq. Ft. None
Changes & Improvements
Please describe any additions or changes to the land or improvements which have occurred in the last five years:
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