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Tax Sale info is on the document tab and scroll to the bottom

EXECUTIVE ORDER E-2021-01A Amended Executive order Designating Kane County as Low Transmission under the State Transmission Index and Ending State Restrictions. 

East Zion Community Reinvestment Area Plan is available under Clerk/ Auditor / Documents 


2021 is a Municipal Election year.  Look for information from your Cities, Towns, and Special Service Districts.   Also we will be adding information as we obtain it from the Cities, Towns, and Special Service  Districts 

Have problems?  Call for help: (435) 644-2458.

PRECINCT MAPS are found under the documents section. 
For links to the State of Utah election results & party websites see the links section.

Business Licenses: To apply for a business license online click on the "public retrieval link." Fill out the business license and mail along with a check for $65 to Kane County Clerk, 76 N Main, Kanab, UT 84741.

Marriage Licenses: To apply for marriage license online click on the "public retrieval link."  Fill out the application, print it, keep a note of the number, and bring it with you when both partners appear in person for the license.  It will save about 15 minutes when you arrive.  The cost for a marriage license is $50, by check, cash, or money order.    

Passports:  Applications are available in our office and on line at  We have a list of required items for passports in the "Documents tab" titled Required Items Handout .  

No appointment is needed however you should be here no later than 4:00 pm Mountain Daylight time in order to process your passport. 

For more information  or assistance please call the Clerk/Auditor's Office at 435-644-2458

Last day for the Clerk's Office to mail ballots is Oct 27, 2020.  (They MUST be postmarked no later than November 2,  the day BEFORE Election Day) Please return them as soon as possible.  If you do not receive your ballot by Thursday October 23rd please call us at 435-644-2458. 

Before ballots are mailed, not later than October 13, 2020, we are asking for your help and support for this historical election.   Check to make sure your mailing address is correct and also that you are registered to vote.  If not registered or need to update your registration information you can go to Vote.Utah.Gov.



Application for Tourism Tax Board

The blank application for Tourism Tax Board positions

Recorded Message

2020 Election Canvass Results

results of the Board of Canvassers as they review the election. 

2020 General Election notice and sample ballots

Election notice with key election dates 

Sample ballots

Canvass of Primary Election

This the Certified election returns as approved by the Commission July 14th 2020


Unofficial Election Results November 3, 2020

Judges Score Card

Judges score card

November 3, 2020 General Election Sample Ballot

November 3, 2020 General Election Sample Ballot

Offical November 3, 2020 Election Results

This is the Official Kane County results for the November 3, 2020 General Election


Utah Election Laws now require every voter to provide valid voter identification before being allowed to vote.   The attachment is a list of acceptable forms of Identification.

Small Claims


2019 Official General Municipal Election Results

The Official Canvassed results of the 2019 Municipal General Elections, including the Kane County School District Bond Election. 


2020 Certified Election Notice

The official certification of the 2020 elections from the Western States Presidential Primary through the November General Election: designating the positions available for Candidates to file for as well as the filing fee. 


List of the 2021 Tax Sale as of 3-30-2021

Amended Executive Order E-2021-1A

Amended Executive Order

Business License Application

Business License Application

Commission Assignments
Part 1 of East Zion Annexation of Little Ponderosa

There are three documents that make up this notice.  There is the notice, the legal description, and the map. this is the notice portion

Part 2 of the East Zion SSD annexation of Little Ponderosa Ranch

This is part 2 of the notice which is the Legal Description of the new boundaries of the East Zion SSD

Part 3 of East Zion SSD Annexation of Little Ponderosa Ranch Subdivision

This is part three which is the map of the new boundaries of the East Zion SSD with the annexation.

Public Notice for East Zion CRA April 27th and May 11th, 2021

Updated public notice for the East Zion Community Reinvestment Project Area

Public notice for the East Zion CRA

This is the notice about the East Zion Community Reinvestment Area.  The plan map etc are on view in the Clerk/Auditor's Office located at 76 N Main Kanab, UT 84741

Tax Sale updated 5/14/2021

Tax sale is updated with all properties redeemed as of Friday 5/14/2021 at 8:00 AM

Updated Tax Sale 5/25/2021

Tax Sale list updated to 5/25/2021 at 9:00 AM

Phone: (435) 644-2458

Fax: (435) 644-4965

Address: 76 North Main St., Kanab UT 84741

Contact: Karla Johnson , Clerk/Auditor

Deputy Clerk/Auditor/ Election Specialist: Heather Narramore

Deputy Clerk/Auditor Candice Brown. 

Deputy Clerk/Auditor Mandi Staton


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