2018 Commission Meetings Schedule

  The Kane County Board of Commissioners will meet at 10:00 AM in regular session for
  the 2018 year on the following dates:        
  January 8, 22 July * 9, 23 The County   
  February 12, 26 August 13, 27 Budget Hearing  
  March 12, 26 September 10, 24 will be    
  April 9, 23 October  * 15, 22 Dec 10, 2018  
  May  14, 21 November   19, 26 at 10:30 AM.  
  June 11, 25 December  * 10, 17      
  *  Months are adjusted for Holidays and or Training Meetings.    
  In addition to these meetingss there will be WORK MEETINGS and SPECIAL  
  MEETINGS called to accommodate the needs of the public and county operations.
  All items to be on the Agenda MUST be approved through a Commissioner and  
  all documentation submitted to the Clerk's Office by  noon on the TUESDAY  
  prior to the meeting.          
  The Municipal Building Authority of Kane County, Utah will hold regular meetings
  during the 2018 Calendar year from time to time as the Board of Trustees shall deem
  necessary. The Board may also hold meetings in conjunction with the regularly scheduled
  Commission Meetings.          
  All meetings of the above entities are open to the public unless closed pursuant to Sec 52-4-4
  and 52-4-5 of the Utah Code Annotated 1953, as amended. A written Agenda of each meeting
  will be posted at the County Courthouse, 76 North Main, Kanab, Utah no later than 24 hours
  preceding such meeting. Agenda's may also be accessed at the Utah State Public Notices
  Website at http://www.utah.gov/pmn/index.html      
  PUBLISHED in the Southern Utah News December 28, 2017      
  Karla Johnson, Kane County Clerk/Auditor