Short Term Rentals

Courtesy notice regarding Vacation Rental properties

The number of vacation rental properties in Kane County has grown substantially in the last year. This letter is an informative outline of the criteria and documents required in order to legally operate a vacation rental property in Kane County. 

All of the items listed below are REQUIRED for each property being used as a vacation rental and are listed in the order in which they should be obtained. You and/or your business entity MUST be registered with the State of Utah before an application for a Kane County business license may be submitted.

  1. Utah State sales tax ID (STC):
  2. Utah State Transient room tax ID (TRT): contact Utah State Tax Commission (801) 297-7705
  3. Kane County business license: contact the Clerk’s office (435) 644-4906

It is expected that property owners are aware of all zoning regulations applicable to the property being operated as a vacation rental. Zoning regulations can differ depending on the type of zone and as a result there may be additional regulations that are specific to the zone where your property is located. All Kane County zoning ordinances are available online (see below), or by contacting the Kane County Land Use Authority office. Ignorance of zoning laws is no defense to a violation of those laws.

Kane County Land Use Authority: (435) 644-4966 or

Land Use Ordinances online: > government>ordinances>title 9

Please be advised that Kane County has begun and will continue to conduct investigations of properties illegally conducting business as a vacation rental.  Illegally operating a vacation rental is a Class C misdemeanor and may result in fines up to $200 per day and under Utah State Law is punishable by up to 90 days in jail.

Kane County does not regulate property for properties located within local municipalities including: Kanab City, Orderville, Glendale, Big Water, or Alton. Each municipality may have its own requirements pertaining to vacation rentals. Please contact your local City or Town office to ensure that your property is compliant with its business and zoning regulations.