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Resource Development Committee: Serves as an advisory committee to the board of commissioners regarding planning for the development of resources and implementation of plans for county resources. The Committee will meet and communicate with federal and state agency personnel, other public officials and citizen groups in order to develop coordination of planning for the management and conservation of resources in the county, including public lands administered by federal and state agencies lying within the county, and recommend actions to the board of commissioners to establish and implement such coordination. 

Recreation & Transportation Special Service District (RTSSD): Serves as a special service district of Kane County (est. 1996) -Resolution No. 1996-11- "Created for the purpose of furnishing transportation and certain limited recreation services within the area included within its boundaries, through facilities or systems acquired or constructed for that purpose through construction, purchase, lease, contract, gift, condemnation or any combination thereof." The RTSSD administrative control board will conduct its meetings according to the 2022 schedule directly following the close of the Resource Development Meetings.

Interagency Meetings: Representatives from Federal, State and local government agencies (U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Utah State Parks, Dept. of Natural Resources, City and County Offices, etc.) will meet with the Resource Development Committee to apprise agencies on a variety of public lands issues such as: pertinent changes to public land-use regulations, ongoing environmental assessments or environmental impact statements, impacts from land-use decisions, vegetation treatments, noxious weed issues, water development, proposed road closures, prescribed fires, timber sales, minerals, oil and gas leases, revisions to Resource Management Plans and other news or issues pertaining to natural resources.

*see updated meeting schedule under documents tab

2022 Meeting Schedule  

Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9:00 am in

the Kane County Commission Chambers, 76 N. Main, Kanab, Utah.

Resource-RTSSD Meetings                 Interagency Meetings

January 19                                              February 16

March 16                                                April 20

May 18                                                   June 15

July 20                                                    August 18

September 21                                        October 19

November 16                                         December 21


  *RTSSD meetings will begin immediately after the Resource Development Committee meetings adjourn.




Utah Public Notice Website: https://www.utah.gov/pmn/index.html




Public Notices


Address: 76 N. Main


Kane County Resource Development Committee

Recreation & Transportation Special Service District (RTSSD)


Bart Battista - Chair (Resource Committee)

Byard Kershaw - Vice Chair (Resource Committee)

Andy Gant (Commissioner)

Mike Noel

Kelly Stowell

Tony Wright - Chair (RTSSD)

Lance Jackson - Vice Chair (RTSSD)


Clayton Cutler - RTSSD Clerk