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USDA Historic Aerial Photography

For more than half a century, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has acquired high quality aerial photographs to support federal farm programs. Over the years, the USDA has photographed the vast majority of the nation and its territories at approximately seven-year intervals.

The USDA’s Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO) is home to one of the country’s largest aerial film libraries. We currently house more than 70,000 rolls of film. Our imagery dates from 1955 to the present, and is available at several different scales and in stereo. The APFO has a photographic wet lab, which allows us to print photos on site.

USDA historic photography can play a vital role in environmental assessments, change detection, past land use and property boundary disputes. Our photographs are frequently ordered by attorneys, universities, local governments and individuals.

USDA imagery is available to the general public at minimal cost. We can provide black and white, color infrared, or natural color prints depending on the original film type. Enlargements up to 38"x38" are available. We can also provide tiff scans which can be viewed on any computer. We are able to certify photos for use in court.

You can order this aerial imagery by contacting the APFO by phone, fax, mail or email. Please be prepared to provide an accurate description of the area you wish to be included in your photo; this can be a legal description, latitude and longitude, or a local map. All products are made to order and completion time may vary depending on existing workload. Please include your name, address and phone number with your inquiry.


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According to our Aerial Imagery Catalog, we have the following years and types
of imagery available for Kane County:

KANE - 49025(DSA)                                 Square Mile Land Area:    3992

                   RES BAND



NAIP09     2009      1 NC   GT    309  QQ

NAIP06 100 2006      1 NC   MR      1  CCM 2.959GB

NAIP06     2006      1 NC   GT    333  QQ

NAIP04 55  2004      1 NC   MR      2  CCM 1.083GB

NAIP04     2004      1 NC   GT    185  QQ

NAIP04     2004  40000 CP

NAIP03 10  2003      2 NC   MR      1  CCM .099GB

NAIP03     2003      2 NC   GT     34  QQ

NAIP03     2003  40000 CP

NPS    100 2003  12000 CN   LI      1  22032-GLEN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA

NAPP3  100 1997  40000 BW

NAPP2  100 1993  40000 BW   DI      1

NDOP   100 1993      1 BW   MR      2  CCM

NHAP1  100 1984  60000 CIRP

FSA    (P) 1978  40000 BW   PI      9  11279

FSA    (P) 1967  20000 BW   PI      5  11278
FSA    (P) 1960  20000 BW   PI      6  11277

(P) = partial county coverage

Additional information about the APFO and available aerial imagery is available