The Kane County Road Maintenance Department has the responsibility of maintaining over 700 miles of roads in Kane County. The majority of these roads are in rural areas and are subject to closure due to flooding or other weather related events.  The Kane County Road Crews try their best to repair the roads as conditions permit however there are times that some roads will be closed to protect the public.

The Kane County Road Department requires a Disturbance permit for any work done within the County right-of-way or easement.  

Check local forcast and conditions before driving on back roads

To report a problem with a road, you can call:

 Kane County Road Maintenance Shed at (435) 644-5312.

 If there is an emergency, call the Kane County Sheriff’s office at (435) 644-2349.


Kane County Disturbance permit form

This is a required document when performing any work within the Kane County right of way such as, digging, trenching, dust abatement, etc. After completing the permit, please click here to pay applicable fees.

Phone: 4356445312

Fax: 4356444314

Address: 76 North Main

Contact: Bert Harris

In case of emergency, call the Kane County Sheriff's office at (435) 644-2349.

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