Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center and Kane County Office of Tourism are always seeking Volunteers to join our team. Becoming a volunteer is one of the best ways to improve health and well-being and establish good relationships with the people we serve.  Building community bonds will help you feel connected to the community and share ideas.  You can go to our website @    www.visitsouthernutah.com   and look at our events calendar for local events.

Volunteer Opportunities for Kane County and Kanab City:

Care and Share/Senior Citizens Center       Jerica Bauer         435-644-4321

Kanab City Library  435-644-2394

Kanab City Recreation programs    435-644-2534

Kane County Events 435-644-4374

Orderville Town     435-648-2534

Big Water Town     435-675-3760

Duck Creek Village     Email:  Duckcreekvillage.com

Please fill out the following form and DELIVER it to the KANE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE located at 971 E Kaneplex Drive Kanab Utah 84741. OR  Deliver to Lannell @ the Kane County Office of Tourism.

Volunteer Application Form

Phone: (435) 644-3696

Fax: (435) 644-4996

Address: 78 S 100 E. Kanab, Utah 84741

Contact: Lannell Dove , Kane County Events Coordinator

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